Management Referral


Management Referral

If there is a concern that the work could affect an employee's health, or if a health issue could affect an employee's ability to perform their job, they may be referred to occupational Health for assessment, advice and support. Our occupational health experts conduct a confidential assessment with your employee, who then receives structured advice and recommendations to improve their health.

If you suspect that an employee's health is affecting their performance, or that their health is affecting the health and safety of their colleagues, our management recommendation process enables you to properly address these issues.


Benefits Of Management Referral

There are several occasions when your organisation could benefit from referring an employee to us for a medical opinion, which includes:

  • An employee has frequent incidences of short-term absence with one or more reported illnesses.
  • An employee has had an accident at work and an accurate clinical record of their injuries is required, including RIDDOR incidents.
  • An employee has been, or is likely to be, off sick for longer than four weeks or where there is no foreseeable return-to-work date.
  • A manager believes that an employee’s health is being affected adversely by their work (e.g. stress, upper limb disorders or back pain).
  • An employee is about to be transferred to another job or be promoted and a medical assessment is required.
  • An employee’s performance at work may be compromised because of ill health.
  • An employee has notified you that they are concerned about their own ill health, particularly if they believe their health is being affected by work.
  • Advice is required on rehabilitation programmes for sick or disabled.

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