Domiciliary Care


What is Domiciliary Care?

This is a personalised type of care where the carer goes from house to house to care for service users. This could include, helping service users move around the house, meal preparation, managing your weekly shopping and medicinal assistance. There can be a number of service users in your community and the carer can attend their breakfast, lunch, teatime and night calls .


How Can this Help You?

We provide comprehensive training to our Care Givers furthermore we take special care in ensuring that our Care Givers personality is well suited to that of you or a loved one to combat loneliness. Our aim is to improve the lives of those that we care for whilst maintaining their quality and routines of their daily lives. This will give you comfort knowing you or your loved one can enjoy what matters most to you. Our CHAS accreditation aims to use the social care services programme to improve the quality and consistency of service provision within social care.

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We always value our clients and provide bespoke drug and alcohol testing.

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