Utilities and Energy Sector


Utilities & Energy

Employees in the utilities and energy industries are exposed to a variety of hazards. Health hazards at work are a daily occurrence and the size of these sectors in the UK means that many thousands of workers are potentially at risk of adverse effects.

A proactive approach to workplace health. It is imperative that your employees are in good health in order to safely perform their duties and responsibilities. We are here to support the health and well-being of your employees and to keep your workplace safe. We're Here Whether your business is in the utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas, nuclear or petroleum sectors, we have the experience to help you create a healthier, safer work environment. A full range of services are available including:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas Medical
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Certified Trainable Medical
  • Safety Critical Medical
  • Working at Heights Medical
  • Confined Space Medical

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We always value our clients and provide bespoke drug and alcohol testing.

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