Personal Track Safety (PTS)


Personal Track Safety (PTS)

We specialise in the railway health and safety course, so you know you are always in safe hands. Our Railway Safety courses provide you with the knowledge and education you need to ensure your understanding of the safe working practices that are used in the UK that will keep you and those around you safe when working near or on the line. The Sentinel card demonstrates that an individual has achieved the required level of competency and is working for an approved employer. Network Rail does not know if an individual has attended approved training or is working for an unauthorised employer without a Sentinel card. A Sentinel card is a secure and straightforward way to check that everyone working on the railway has completed the relevant training and qualifications. When track workers report to the site, they need to present their card – if they don’t have a card, they won’t be allowed to work. It is simple to check and means that any maintenance, renewals, or enhancement work is being carried out by adequately trained people with the right skills, safety all times and their current competencies.


What can be learnt?

In this training, you will learn practical and theoretical knowledge of working on the track. This course includes:

  • Introduce to work on the track
  • Work safety
  • Railway terminology
  • Health Safety
  • How to work safely on the track

NOTE: As a Certificate, you will get a PTS card which will allow you to apply for a job on the Railway.

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