Personal Track Safety (PTS) Medical


Personal Track Safety (PTS) Medical

PTS is a safer working practices scheme used in the UK to ensure the safety of railway workers working on or near the track. Every employee must have a PTS Medical prior to completing a PTS course to work at Network Rail Infrastructure.

PTS medical wants to ensure that everyone who has a critical safety role is physically able to work reliably and safely on the road, for their own safety and that of those around them. Specific competency assessment includes: medical questionnaire, height/weight/BMI, blood pressure, pulse, urine protein, urine glucose, mobility and balance, vision test (including visual field, near and colour vision), hearing test.

Network Rail Drug and Alcohol Tests In addition to a PTS medical exam, you must pass a Network Rail D&A screening test. The NWR drug test is a laboratory analysis of a urine sample. The urine sample is analysed and analysed in our RISQS accredited laboratory. Currently, the NWR drug testing panel includes amphetamines, Tramadol, Ketamine, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, MDMA, EDDP (methadone metabolite), opiates and propoxyphene. Network Rail's drug and alcohol policy is zero tolerance.

What to Do?

PTS Medical Test & Result

If you test positive for any of the 10 Panel substances, your Sentinel card will be cancelled and you will not be able to work at your facility for 5 years. Results Direct to Sentinel We make it easy for you by uploading your results directly to Sentinel (where applicable), so you can get straight to work.

Rail Medical Assessments
Our railway medical assessments include

  • Network Rail Competence-Specific Medical (formerly known as PTS - Personal Track Safety)
  • London Underground Medicals - including Protection Master, Individual Working Alone and Basic Track Awareness
  • DLR Medical
  • Crossrail Medical
  • HS2 Medical
  • Train Movements Medical
  • Train Driver Medical

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