PEth Blood Test


PEth Blood Test

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) is a particular alcohol biomarker and provides the highest sensitivity for the detection of current regular alcohol intake. PEth testing is particularly effective for detecting constant and heavy drinking where it is critical in settings such as the monitoring of doctors, child custody or drink driving violations.

At Noble Med Solutions, only a few drops of blood in the form of ‘dry blood spots’ that are taken for analysis at a laboratory is required. Known as PEth testing, it offers a modern, sensitive alternative to traditional methods of blood testing for alcohol.

PEth enables the discrimination of heavy versus moderate or occasional drinkers, and can monitor abstinence within the past month. Age, gender, health or previous alcohol issues do not impact on the results. Until recently, venous blood (obtained by venipuncture) measuring indirect markers; was the specimen of choice for measuring alcohol misuse. The indirect markers used can be subject to contributory factors, such as other medication used.

Definition and Collection

What is PEth?

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) only forms in the presence of Ethanol, meaning it is a direct marker for alcohol intake. This makes it a more sensitive indicator than existing markers of CDT, LFT and FBC. PEth can be detected for up to a month. PEth is eliminated from the body in about 30 days, meaning the window of detection is often given as one month.
Collection of both a hair and blood sample can compliment each other to show comparisons or differences between recent and long-term alcohol use.

COLLECTION METHOD: Via a finger prick using a compact device, a convenient technique for collection, transport, and storage. A number of blood drops need to be collected in a specially designed collection kit.


  • PEth is more accurate, much easier to collect, and not costlier than the traditional blood tests.


  • Alcohol testing a PEth blood sample provides a view of the last month of consumption. If for a longer period, a hair alcohol test can cover up to six months of consumption.

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