Live-In Care


What is Live-in Care?

This is where the carer lives with the service user for a set amount of time. Our live-in carers would be available 24/7 to support the patient, it could be a simple walk to the park or a hospital appointment, we can also help you gain access to local services and events. This is seen as an alternative to a residential setting which allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home.


How Can this Help You?

As previously stated, this is an alternative to a residential/care home setting. By offering our outstanding services, this allows the service user to live their life at home whilst their needs are tended to. We aim to make their life easier and as “hurdle-free” as possible, this can promote a positive change or provide stability to the patient. Our carers are very carefully selected to match the patient’s personality and current situation. This way again you can focus on what’ s important to you.

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