Drug and Alcohol Test


Drug & Alcohol Test

Reducing employee absenteeism is the focus of our occupational health service. We understand that supporting people and ensuring they get back to work as quickly as possible is vital to your business. Noble Med Solutions we specialize in providing a proactive, nurse-led absence management service that focuses on early intervention and early return to work strategies whilst supporting the long-term health of your staff. We are experts in absenteeism, the multiple causes of employee absenteeism, absenteeism monitoring, support and reporting. Our trained and experienced occupational health professionals can also advise on how best to manage employee return to work, Because our case managers are certified Occupational Health Advisors (OHAs), they can manage 85% of all referrals. The remaining 15% of cases may need to be referred to one of the 150+ occupational health practitioners we work with. Our physiotherapy and counselling partners can provide services across the UK so we can help you manage the results and referrals that come from your initial referral and OHA report. Our employee absence reports provide guidance on what to do next. We will discuss reasonable and workable accommodations to get the employee back to work quickly and with genuine support.

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We always value our clients and provide bespoke drug and alcohol testing.

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