SEQOHS Safety Critical Medical


SEQOHS Safety Critical Medical

Safety Critical Work (SCW) Medical to find out if there is potential for employees to develop any health issue that may cause them to be suddenly taken ill, while undertaking their task for instance, and there are certain health assessment check that can be done to highlight any such chances and reduce the risk to the employee’s and others. Noble Med Solutions Ltd has partnered with UK Screening Solutions which is an occupational health provider company with SEQOHS to deliver Fit to Work medical in construction industry. We specialize in providing high quality services to the construction industry.

If you suspect that an employee's health is affecting their performance, or that their health is affecting the health and safety of their colleagues, our management recommendation process enables you to properly address these issues.


What can be learnt?

A safety critical worker (SCW) within the Industry standard is defined as “Where the ill health of an individual may compromise their ability to undertake a task defined as safety critical, thereby posing a significant risk to the health and safety of others” A suitable risk assessment of any activity should identify whether it has a safety critical nature and whether in the event of worker incapacity this would be likely to result in a significant risk of harm to the individual worker performing the task or to others i.e. third parties.

Alcohol and drug use can pose challenges to businesses large and small across many industries. Substance abuse can cost a business lost time and sick leave, while later causing accidents and possible litigation. Alcohol and Drug Testing Assistance Noble Med Solutions can provide a wide range of alcohol and drug testing services to meet the needs of our clients including: alcohol and drug/substance abuse policy review and development education and training (including printed materials) Testing: random/reasonable/pre-employment Rehabilitation and by our selected toxicology provider (laboratory) Background check Provision of expert witnesses (if required). The Right Testing Program for Your Business Because of Noble Med Solutions experience of working with a variety of organizations in different industries, we are able to create the right testing program for each client. In addition, Noble Med Solutions will assist our clients from developing a strong policy to implementing a relevant and reliable testing program, supporting the company every step of the way.

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